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Startups, Incorporation, LLC Organization

There are many complicated factors to consider as you begin your new venture. And A. Dean Law will be by your side every step of the way. 


As you consider how to structure your new venture, you may have questions about different classes of equity, voting rights, investor relations issues, exit strategies, current market trends, legal landscape, and more. Depending on your industry, regulatory regimes may inform key decisions about corporate structure, equity ownership and management rights. Of particular concern to companies, investors, inventors and entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing e-commerce space, the treatment and ownership structure of intellectual property is of paramount importance. In the company’s early stages, you may also wish to create an equity award pool for first hires as well as future employees (stock options, restricted stocks, stock appreciation rights, profit sharing, etc.).

A. Dean Law can help you navigate these complex issues and help you to succeed.

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July, 13, 2018
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At A. Dean Law we take pride in advising our clients on their businesses' legal needs throughout the corporate lifecycle. As your company grows and changes, our advice adapts. From formation to fundraising to first hires, from start-up to exit and everything in between. We've got all the services you'll need to make your business a success.